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Discover proven voice therapy techniques to improve your vocal quality and overcome voice disorders. Enhance your communication skills and regain confidence in your voice with these top ideas.
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Vocal Cord Adduction Exercises | PDF | Breathing | Anatomical Terms Of Motion

Vocal Cord Adduction Exercises - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. The document describes a series of vocal cord adduction exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve voice quality. The exercises involve saying "ah" while pushing or pulling on a chair, turning the head from side to side, taking deep breaths, and coughing - repeating each 10 times while focusing on a loud, clear voice. Maintaining good posture by tilting the chin down and turning…

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Voice Exercises

This handout is designed for speech-language pathologists working with people wanting to improve their voice. This one-page handout includes descriptions for the following exercises: deep breathing, lip/tongue trills, yawn-sigh, pitch slides, voicing vowels, syllable repetitions, and humming scales.

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Voice and Resonance Therapy Guides - The SLP Solution

Voice and Resonance Therapy Guides Step-by-Step plans for a variety of voice/resonance skills – Plus, wording for your goals! What is Task Analysis? Task analysis is the process of breaking a larger skill down into smaller, sequential steps. With each step that the child masters, he grows closer to being able to perform the full … Voice and Resonance Therapy Guides Read More »

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Why Can't I Breathe? Vocal Cord Dysfunction In Swimmers

I gasp for air. But my lungs don’t expand. The air gets caught in my throat like a punch being blocked in a fight. Instead of quiet breathing, I hear the all too familiar sound of my high-pitched, gainless attempt to inhale the precious air that my body needs.

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