Volcanic ash

Explore the fascinating world of volcanic ash and its unique properties. Learn how volcanic ash is formed, its uses in various industries, and how it can benefit your skincare routine.
Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Lava-energetically strong stone from the volcano from Madeira Island,Volcanic ash, Volcanic slag, Volcanic basaltic lava Rock, Volcanic Rock #brown #black #stone #volcanicash #volcanicslag #volcanicrock #naturalslag #blackrock #volcanicbasaltic Art, Architecture, Make Up, Makeup, Etsy, Sci, Excited, Rock, Cuisine

Heart made of volcanic stone made by nature itself. This stone is not subject to any processing by man, this stone was found in this form on the beautiful island of Madeira.🩶 There is also such a stone: https://giftworkshopyana.etsy.com/listing/1667333023 Lava is an energetically strong stone from a volcano. The appearance of this mineral resembles a lunar landscape. Pores, like miniature craters, pierce the surface. Volcanoes gave birth to it. The same properties of a stone from lava…

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