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Add a touch of nostalgia to your home with creative wall phone ideas. Discover vintage designs that bring back the retro charm and make a statement in any room.
Wall mounted phone--the cord was never quite long enough to have a private conversation Retro, Childhood, Vintage, Design, Famille, Dekorasyon, Ol Days, Old School, Nostalgia

My parents used to have two phones in the house when I grew up. A beige version of this phone (circa 1968) that hung on the wall in the kitchen. The other one was a desk model up in my parents bedroom. That is it.. no answering machine, no fax, certainly no internet. If you called and my parents were home they would answer the phone - no caller id either. If they weren't home, you would have to call again later. Much simpler times. I learned to dial phones on a phone like this.

Rotary Phones--ours hung on the wall in the dining room & was this color  :) Vintage, Retro Vintage, Retro, Rotary Phone, Rotary, Telephones, Phone, Old Phone, Vintage Telephone

I love the idea of using a good old rotary phone, love the sound that it makes when dialing a number. Although I do own a couple I only use them as a decor piece and as an 'emergency' phone. I don't mind the long process of dialing phone numbers, the two things that keeps me from actually using it, is that most businesess now have an automated services and menus. And you can't use a rotary phone if you want to multi-task unless you're strap on your office chair checking emails, uploading…

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Red wall phone; working rotary dial wall mount telephone | Red ... Vintage, Rouge, Fotografie, Inspo, Aesthetic, Red, Fotografia, Best, Red Aesthetic

This vintage 1970s deep red rotary dial wall mount telephone is in excellent condition. It has been tested and is fully operational. The red case and handset are super shiny and free from obvious scratches. The phone comes with an attached adapter plate that allows you to quickly and easily mount to

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