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Discover creative and interactive ways to make decisions with the Wheel of Choice. Explore top ideas to add a fun twist to your decision-making process and enjoy the element of surprise.
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Using the Wheel of Choice is one way to teach Problem-Solving. 1) Brainstorm (with your children) a list of possible solutions to everyday conflicts or problems. 2) On a pie shaped chart write one solution in each section and let children draw illustrations or symbols. 3) When there is a conflict, suggest the children use the wheel of choice to find a solution that will solve the problem. You can download the Wheel of Choice or you can make one of your own. We are going to put the Wheel of…

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Anger Wheel of Choice 1) Teach your children that feelings are always okay, but what they do is not always okay. 2) During a time when your child is feeling calm, show him or her the Anger Wheel of Choice and go over the respectful alternatives for expressing anger. 3) When your child is angry, validate feelings and then invite him or her to choose an action from the Anger Wheel of Choice. This seems to be a tool card designed for younger children. Although when I introduced the tool card to…

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A Wellness Wheel is a visual guide and tool for self-exploration that can help you assess different aspects of your wellbeing. Wellness is an active process in which an individual becomes aware of and makes choices towards a more a healthy life. Using a Wellness Wheel is a tool for helping you engage in this process for yourself.

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Tattling can get out of hand in any classroom and problem solving can take up plenty of teaching time. Taking the extra hour out of your day to introduce the Wheel of Choice to your students, will save you hours in your week and help tremendously with classroom management. This is a great activity for the beginning of the year in classrooms and can be adapted to work in the home too. It will also teach your students the life skill of problem solving independently, and will build one's…

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