When you sleep

Discover effective tips and techniques to help you improve your sleep. Find out how to create the perfect sleep environment and develop healthy sleep habits for a restful night's sleep.
When You Can't Sleep So You Re-read That Text From A Year Ago And It Bothers You Just As Much As It Did The First Time Illustrators, Inspiration, Perspective, Animation, When You Sleep, When You Cant Sleep, Sleep Well, Can't Sleep, Cant Sleep

I've been working in the animation industry as a character and background designer for several years. After bringing other people's visions to life, I had an intense need to create work for myself, so I started drawing on post-its and making comics in my down time. Usually, I'd draw a character with the focus on her facial expression. Then I began writing captions to go with the illustrations and people seemed to really respond to the captions -- So it became a habit.

John Htun Htet