White women with braids

Discover the latest braided hairstyles that are perfect for white women. Enhance your look with stylish braids that will make you stand out from the crowd.
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https://youtu.be/KwT2sxsW-KA Black culture being stolen? Now with all of the previous ruckus about supposedly 'white people stealing the black culture and making it their own' on social media, there have been quite a few topics on certain celebrities like the Kardashians getting plumped lips, butt surgeries, thick hair, etc. Now for the braids phenomenon...this is a recent trend that started among white women, and this trend, which I should mention has been a part of the black culture for…

Lisa Slover
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When it comes to braids, the sky is the limit. With endless designs and countless variations, it only makes sense to seek ideas from an equally-vast source of inspiration like Pinterest. But before you go and spend hours sifting through thousands of…

Crystal Burgess