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Unlock the power of Wiccan wands and explore enchanting rituals and spells. Find the perfect wand to enhance your spiritual practice and manifest your desires.
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How to make a Magick wand

Many Pagans and Wiccans use Magick Wands in Rituals and Ceremonies and also for Display on an Altar Pagans/ Wiccans often use wands for their magical workings. You can buy beautiful wands online, but it's a good experience to choose the wood and designs and make one on your own. The more energy you put into your wand, the more powerful it will become TYPES OF WANDS MADE FROM WOOD ALDER - Alder wands are used for witchcraft magick rituals concerning with charisma, journeys, self confidence…

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How to Make and Consecrate your Witch’s Wand

Magic wands are a very personal tool and have a long history in Witchcraft. Their popularity rose with Wiccan ceremonial Magic, but we can trace their roots to the reindeer people of Central Asia and Siberia. Originally, shamans used wands to beat their drums during healing and religious ceremonies. Similar wands have been found in...

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This Beautiful handmade wand, features a copper wire wrapped crystal attached to a shaped wand with a pentagram/pentacle charm. Great for drawing and directing energy. about 11 inches long. Green aventurine or Rose quartz-for heart chakra , love and fortune Blues for throat chakra, talking stick, better speaking and understanding Clear quartz-crown chakra, helps to amplify healing spells or any spell really, good all around Carnelian sacral chakra, creativity, self respect Amethyst crown…

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