Witch home protection symbols

Discover the most powerful witch home protection symbols to safeguard your space and create a harmonious environment. Incorporate these symbols in your home to ward off negative energies and invite positivity into your life.
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Protection symbols are the specific signs that people use to safeguard against evil and negative energies, especially to have a strong spiritual and ritual impression in mind. People often come to secure their lives with some supernatural rituals and symbols when they do not feel secure with physical protection. Different regions and cultures use many...

Sponch Bob
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I mentioned in a previous post on my threshold protection spell, that I also put up a new ward around our home. A ward is something that protects or defends, and when placed around a home it works like a barrier, preventing negativity from entering. However, you have to check on this regularly, just like a wall used to defend a city. How often you need to refresh your ward is completely dependant on your neighborhood and the sort of things following you home. I live in a nice little…

Margaret Lujan