Wood sidewalk ideas

Enhance your outdoor space with these creative wood sidewalk ideas. Transform your pathway into a unique and inviting feature that adds charm to your home.
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50 Walkway Ideas To Install By Yourself Cheaply

Looking for inexpensive and creative ways to add charm to your outdoor space? DIY walkway ideas might be the perfect solution for you. Installing a walkway by yourself not only saves money but also gives your garden or yard a personal touch. From simple designs you can achieve in a day to more elaborate projects that might take a weekend, these 50 unique walkway ideas for garden, patio or landscape will suit your style and needs. Next, we delve into how to install a pebble mosaic stepping…

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A New Sidewalk

When I moved into my house, I built a quick and inexpensive pea gravel walkway to link the house and garage. After five years of use and effects of gravity with the slope of my yard, it was time for a change. The pea gravel continually shifted down the hill and had to be raked back into place every couple of weeks. After much discussion and debate we decided to go with a boardwalk to avoid lots of grade work and to keep costs down. We found a multi-hued hardwood floor on Pinterest that…