Yellow billed hornbill

Explore stunning pictures and fascinating facts about the yellow-billed hornbill. Learn about its unique features and behavior, and discover why it is a must-see bird for nature enthusiasts.
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Hornsbill in Botswana - Travel To Eat

If you visit Botswana, you will undoubtedly encounter the red-billed hornbill seen above. Unlike most of the other birds, this one seems curious about humans and poses for pictures endlessly. The Hornsbill (Bucerotidae) include about 55 living species, though a number of cryptic species may yet be split, as has been suggested for the red-billed

Brittany Ogden
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Courting Southern Yellow Billed Hornbills

Early one morning we were fortunate to come across these two hornbills in the middle of a courting ritual. Hornbills are seen in Etosha, Namibia but it was rare to see both male and female actively courting. It truly was exciting to see and we felt extremely blessed to have had this opportunity. They are beautiful but this is enhanced when their wings are opened wide and you are able to see the wonderful feather detail. Wishing you all a great and blessed day !!!

Ernesto Vallejos