You make me happy

Discover practical and uplifting tips to bring happiness into your life. Explore ideas and activities that will make you smile and feel content.
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It’s a great feeling when someone makes you feel loved, and cared for and makes you feel amazing about yourself. Express your love to someone special with these romantic the way you make me feel quotes, messages, and status (with pictures and images) and let them know they are special too. When you have that […]

Patty Hillegass
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When I have big events coming up, like a birthday party or a girl's weekend road trip or a vacation, I get so excited in the days leading up to that event that I feel like I may explode. Then when the actual event arrives, I find myself getting sadder and sadder for every hour that ticks off the clock. I spend the entire day/weekend/week thinking about how much time I have left with my friends, how much longer I have left at this party, how many days until I have to leave the beach or leave…

Pranav Nayak