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just sit, have snacks and laugh at memes
just sit, have snacks and laugh at memes
a white mask mounted to the side of a blue door with a banana peel in it's mouth
a dog standing on top of a surfboard in the ocean with its paws up
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a barbie doll with blonde hair and blue eyes in a pink box that says she looks like she tarted in the box and it finally hit her
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a dog wrapped in a blanket on top of a bed with the caption, when you got get up for school and you sit on the bed for 20 minutes like this
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a cat is sitting on the floor with its paws up and it's saying, food gives you energy me, after eating
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green cookies with chocolate chips on top and the caption says, my doctor told me to eat more greens so i went on a dy - it
Oh Snap! Here's a Batch of 15 Cookie Puns
These 15 cookie puns will crack you up and won't leave you feeling crummy. Especially if you're a fan of baking puns. #bakingpuns #cookiepuns #puns #humor