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an islamic text with arabic writing on it
the flyer for dua to see nabi in ones dream
an arabic text on a white background with black and green lettering in two languages, it is raining
an arabic text with green and white writing
an open book with arabic writing on it
Vebuka.com - 100 Auliya Allah k mushkil kusha wazaif (Ubqari)
an advertisement for the best of those who grant sustenance in surah saba
an arabic text with green and white background
an advertisement for the book death on maan, written in english and arabic language
QURANIC DUAS For Death With Iman
an arabic text with the image of a man's head in white and black
an arabic text in two languages, one is written as the first and second language
Sheefa seehat Dua        Kahaf names❣️    
an arabic text is displayed on a piece of paper with the words in two languages
To become mustajab but duaa(those people der dua naver rejected by Allah)