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a cross - stitch picture of a woman with a red mushroom on her head is shown
a pixellated image of a man in green and black clothes holding a baseball bat
Hama Ninjas - @Karensperler
four pixelated mushrooms are sitting on a wooden surface, with one mushroom in the middle
a beaded brooch with an image of a dog on it
Daruma- Hama Beads by Majoelx on DeviantArt
a piece of art made out of legos on a white surface with the shape of a triangle
Image in ✽ perler beads collection by alisha 🦋
an image of a hamburger made out of legos
a piece of lego art made to look like mcdonald's fries and ketchup
Hälsa & Beach 2013 - Viktminskning - Virkning - Shopping - Pärlplattor - Pyssel
six different colored paw prints are shown on a white surface