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Odysseus & Penelope

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Song of Achilles/Patroclus & Achilles

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an old man with white hair and glasses is looking at the camera while wearing a black t - shirt
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pk on Twitter
an image of someone's twitter account with the caption that reads, i would die for you
the song of achilles | incorrect quotes
the tweet has been posted to someone on twitter, and it looks like they are
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Book Review : The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller
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If i’m on your mind i’ve already won
a tweet with the caption'i am a god because i am born of a goddess, but i am human because he makes me so '
the text on the screen reads, i'm not empty thoughs only of previous calling himself chron's son found family prope my beloved love chiron
<33 chiron
the text reads, first thing achilles when he sees patcolus corpse is reach for his knife to cut down throat
an image of a twitter post with the caption'how many times do i need to read the song of achies before they live? '
song of achilles | patrochilles