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an ad with the words self - control is strength calmness is mystery you have to get a point where your mood doesn't shift based on the
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an open book with a poem written in cursive writing on the front page
Forever Demi: Photo
Kate Spade Top Handle Bag, Top Handle, Kate Spade, Top Handle Bag
an image with the words may 9, 2020 day 130 of 3656 god is saying to you today
the text is written in black and white
So long ago now, always pressed for time, stealing just minutes here and there as they fell from the edge of the table... my memory is 20/20 and this... this.... inside me it is left missing right, moon missing Sun, waves with no beach to end thier searching... to you I am a stranger by choice, to me u r the loml.💙🐄❤️
an image of a text on a cell phone with the caption, when we first met i didn't want to get involved with anyone
David❤️wasn’t even thinking about dating after what I just left but you happened so suddenly and I can’t imagine my life without you in it...never knew love until you❤️
a quote that reads listen, i love you i know sometimes in a little bit of disappointment
If your teeter-totter- is balanced today- you take this message with tender love- & not mock my sharing- i know who i am- & send the best to us- you- just try to believe- not deceive- a fight is within- not without- u- dont want to pout- we both want to WIN- lets begin....