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If you want change then encompassing these traits will bring success. A reminder for those working hard on your goals and resolutions. Keep going.

Comfort brings mediocracy. Those that achieve great things mostly have a great story of adversity. So dream harder

Be a problem solver be engaged seek challenges improve what is around you help others be part of the community do something take a step forward repair something collaborate with others find pain points discover how technology can improve do not accept mediocracy. That is how a successful career and business and life is born. Get out there and enjoy it.

The world is a big place find those you can share and enjoy life with the most. Don't put up with a crowd pleasing attitude be the true you and authentic to the bone. This may mean you lose some people along the way but that does not compare to the profound quality of those who will remain.

Being a leader is one thing being a great leader is another. Here is an emotional intelligence tip to reflect and work on to improve your performance.

Sometimes you just need to work harder and hustle.

No matter what it is a great message to those with determination and clear goals.

Take a review of your next 7 days and consider how your actions match your goals.

In life and in business create fun and happiness today....... And Every day it's your gift to share.

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