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a handwritten letter written on a white board with writing underneath it that says reality check
~ Who needs a reality check????
a person sitting on top of a rock with the words 6 ted talks that will blow your mind
TED Talk Videos are some of the greatest success, motivational and inspirational videos out there. Here are 6 TED Talk videos that will absolutely blow your mind. www.howtoliveintheus.com
a poster with an image of a person on a rope and the words 11 little drawings that will help you remember english rules forever
11 Little Drawings That Will Help You Remember English Rules Forever
the top ten apps for teachers in 2013 infographical poster with images and text
17 Apps for Teachers in 2017 | aprillesher.com
a poster with the words do your students struggle with library analyses? stop the confusion with learning stations that focus on the process
Room 213
Teaching literary analysis? Are your lessons and activities not getting results? Try learning stations from Room 213
a piece of paper with writing on it that says, working in pairs quiet voice quality work
Making Partner Work Perfect!
Anchor chart for introducing how to work with partners. Includes ideas for when partner work is appropriate. From the Teacher Studio.
a table with a book and some glasses on it that says why we need to read aloud to big kids
Why We Need to Read Aloud to Big Kids
Blog Post: why reading aloud is essential in a secondary classroom. www.readrelevant.com
people sitting at a table with books and papers on it, in front of the text that reads, implementing stations in a secondary classroom how to use them for reading & writing
Implementing Stations In A Secondary Classroom: How to Use Them for Reading & Writing
Stations are an excellent opportunities for incorporating movement and…
a poster with different types of writing on it
Events in Instruction- Event #7
Feedback Please
there are three buttons on the wall that say voice level 2, 3, and 5
50 AMAZING Teacher Hacks
a bulletin board that says, take what you need and some other things on it
Take what you need! I love this!!
four black and white faces with the words 4 not so obvious ways to amp up your instruction
4 (not so obvious) Ways to Amp Up Your Instruction
Check out these 4 (not so obvious) ways to give your instruction, especially your whole-group lessons, a boost!
a poster with different types of writing on it
The Seven Deadly Sins Of Punctuation
Punctuation around quotation marks always confounds the hell out of me. More
three yellow folders stacked on top of each other with text reading teacher tip store your copies for the week in hanging folders and other times - saving organization tips
Tricks of the Trade Thursdays: Teacher Desk Organization
Time-saving tips for organizing your teacher desk!