Depeche Mode

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a man holding a baby while standing in front of a glass window with the words modern written on it
two men are standing on the sidewalk talking to each other while another man stands next to them
a man and woman walking down the street with cell phones in their hands, both wearing black tights
a woman holding a baby wearing a knitted hat with a fox on it's head
a group of young men standing around each other in the grass with microphones on their heads
Depeche Mode in the grounds of Blackwing Studios, London, 17 June...
a man standing in front of a store wearing a t - shirt that says burnt our star
Martin Gore of Depeche Mode in O'Hare airport Chicago
an older man wearing a black hat and scarf smiles at the camera while standing in front of a building
two men standing next to each other talking on the street with one man holding his hand out