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the floor is being laid out and ready to be installed in the shower stall area
Using Diagonal Cuts to slope your shower floor - Planning Guide
an empty shower stall with glass walls and floor
Profilpas drains and profiles for floor-level showers
the corner of a concrete structure with a metal grate in it's center
an empty room with two black sticks sticking out of the floor next to each other
Piatto doccia filo pavimento, in ceramica? Resina? Misure?
a close up of a metal drain on a wooden floor
a bathroom with wooden walls and tile flooring, shower stall and bathtub in the corner
salle de bains contemporaine - photo salle de bains contemporaine
there are many objects on the floor and one is upside down in the room with no people
three different types of floor grates on the ground, with instructions to install them
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