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the words you're the one i wanted to find written on concrete
I'm glad it's you
a gold light switch on a white wall with a person's hand touching it
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Experience the art of tea with our exquisite handcrafted glass tea infuser.
Adorned with delicate plum blossom decorations, this unique tea tool not only adds a touch of elegance but also offers the convenience of automatic tea brewing. Sit back and relax as the tea infuser effortlessly steeps your favorite blends, creating a mesmerizing tea experience. Perfect for summer, indulge in the romance of tea with this must-have tea accessory. #yikoutea #TeaLover #ArtOfTea #HandcraftedTeaware #AutomaticBrewing #SummerTea
a card that says sorry i'm ovarcated on the inside of it
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a drawing of a dog with confetti coming out of it's mouth
19th birthday!
a fingerprint with the words, we all need thumby to love
we all go through things differently
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