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a bunch of sticks that are in some kind of container on a table with tin foil
CrossStitcher and Stitch Magazines - Stitching Online
Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 7 - Georgian Projects - Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine - Hobbies And Crafts
an old brick oven with pots and pans on the top shelf next to it
Painted egg carton stones and tiny purchases for kitchen
The Tudor / Medieval / Jacobean / Queen Anne Dollhouse Project: Painted egg carton stones and tiny purchases for kitchen
the instructions for making a bench and table are shown in this page, with woodworking tools
casas de muñecas: planos para construir mesas
a doll house is shown with stairs leading up to the second floor
a doll house made out of rocks and stones
Greenleaf Glencroft Dollhouse Kit
This here is a kit that I found very fun and challenging to do. I Loved building this house and am sure I have not built my last Glencroft k...
a doll house with furniture and accessories in it
Dollhouse Number 4 - The Glenn Croft
Glencroft - small bedroom
a room with a fire place in the corner and a chair on the other side
Debs Minis Glencroft Dollhouse Fireplace
Glencroft dollhouse | Debs Minis Glencroft Dollhouse Fireplace I don't like this pic as a whole but I only like some details.
a doll house with a white picket fence and red door on the front porch is shown
Discount Dollhouse Kits, Furniture & Accessories
I also have this gorgeous "Glencroft" kit, which sits untouched. Bear in mind that I have nowhere to PUT these things if I would make them.
a toy house with flowers and plants in the front yard
Tracy Topps Glencroft Dollhouse Kit Greenleaf
a doll house made out of stone and wood
FrontLeft EyeLevel B WEB
a blue and white doll house sitting on the floor
Glencroft Updates