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a person standing on a scale with their feet in the air
13K views · 604 reactions | Stop doing foot strengthening exercises to fix your feet! All you need to do is master these 4 positions! 1. Seiza - use the child rockers to build up to this. 2. Toe Tuck - use toe tucked rockers to build up to this. 3. Deep squat - use the goata chucks to build up to this. 4. Single leg drop in - use the wall to assist you in building up to this. If you can handle all 4 of these positions with no problem, your foot issues will be a thing of the past! Follow me for more training tips! | Nick Ball
Mobility vs Flexibility | HINT: they AREN’T the same thing…
To increase flexibility, stability, and muscular support around your ankles
Dynamic Stretching: Include exercises like ankle circles and toe taps to improve flexibility. Stability Exercises: Try exercises like single-leg balance and ankle proprioception drills using balance boards or stability discs. Strength Training: Incorporate exercises like calf raises, ankle dorsiflexion and plantarflexion exercises, and resistance band exercises targeting ankle stabilizers. Plyometric Exercises: Consider including exercises like jumping and hopping to improve ankle strength and power. Consistent practice and gradual progression are key to seeing improvements in these areas. FOLLOW for more rehab tips! @4bodyhealth . Liked the video, like it and save it so you don't forget. . #mobility #flexibility #healthyhips #4bodyhealth #anklefitnesschallenge #stablestepsahead #f