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a butterfly with different colors on it's wings
Brand Better: 12 modern color palettes to steal — Brand Spanking You
Coming up with brand colors can be tough- so I’m here to help you out. Here are 12 modern, sophisticated brand color palettes that you can use to create your brand identity, website, print materials & package designs! Hex numbers are included so you can simply plug them into your own designs in Canva, illustrator or photoshop. You can even just hand the numbers right over to your graphic designer if you have one!
four different shades of green paint with the words, 4 soothing colors in each color
Soothing Greens Color Palette | Colorfully BEHR
Turn your house into a home with this collection of soothing BEHR Paint colors. These green shades were inspired by nature, making them the perfect choice for transforming every room into a peaceful and relaxing environment. Click here to see how you can use BEHR Paint in Chinese Jade, Simply Sage, Thai-Basil, and Pastoral in your home.