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a pair of scissors sitting on top of an old piece of metal
Pearce Wrench Knife Push Dagger by Logan-Pearce on DeviantArt
Pearce Wrench Knife Push Dagger by on @DeviantArt
three different views of a knife being used to sharpen it's blades with scissors
DIY knife grinding jig - made from hinges, steel plate, and threaded rod. Source:
two knives sitting on top of a black counter next to a knife holder with holes in it
Bushbaby Knives
Bushbaby Knives from Rasps. Judging from the number of rasp knives I've seen, rasp files must be in short supply.
two knives sitting next to each other on top of a black table with a yellow handle
Rasp Cleaver Twins by Logan-Pearce on DeviantArt
Rasp Cleaver Twins by Logan Pearce - Great artisan bladesmith.
a knife with a cloth wrapped around it
A file and a blade
a person is holding a knife in their hand while they are working on the blade
From File to Knife (with Simple Tools)
From File to Knife (with simple tools)
a piece of metal that has been cut into pieces
Gallery - Andreas Kalani
many different types of knives are shown
Custom Neck Knives by Stonewood Designs handmade Fixed Blade Knives