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the ceiling is decorated with paper planets and stars
50+ Galaxy-Themed Birthday Party Decorations & Ideas
a cake on a blue plate with an american flag sticking out of it's top
Space Week Part 4: Parties! — All for the Boys
a colorful cake sitting on top of a table
Full Mirror Glaze Galaxy Cake Tutorial - AlsoTheCrumbsPlease
four black and blue paper plates with stars on them next to forks, spoons and utensils
10 unidades de placa descartável Starry Sky Print
an astronaut themed birthday party with balloons and decorations
Astronaut Balloon Garland Arch Kit Blue Orange Balloons Space - Etsy
several silver vases with yellow and red designs on them are lined up in rows
Space Rocket Blast Balloon Kit Boy’s Birthday Party Decorations backdrop Pillar | eBay