Cardmaking, konfirmation

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two pieces of paper that are made to look like tuxedo jackets and bow ties
DIY:How to make Invitation card for wedding, graduation or different occasion TUTORIAL | D&A crafts
a black and white birthday card with a tuxedo in a bow tie on it
JAI 276 - Just add male cards - suited up tutorial
a purple card with a silhouette of a man holding a cross and flowers on it
a card with a white dress and pink flowers on the front, surrounded by lacy doily
Konfirmation (Bodil Hansen)
a handmade card with white flowers on purple paper and an image of a woman's dress
four pieces of green paper with butterflies on them and one piece of cookie in the middle
a close up of a greeting card with flowers on the front and bottom, in pink
a close up of a card with an image of a purse and stars on it
Feminine konfirmationskort 2019
Anne-Mette´s scrapblog: Feminine konfirmationskort 2019