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a large fish is hooked up to a fishing hook in the water with caption that reads, fishing lures how to catch bass in the spring with spinnerbais learn more
How To Catch Bass In The Spring With Spinnerbaits
Spinnerbaits catch bass year round, but are particularly effective in the spring when the bass bite heats up. Read more to learn everything you ever wanted to know about bass fishing with spinnerbaits!
a man holding a large fish with the caption what the pros use it may surprise you time on the water
What the Pros Use When Bass Fishing
Professional anglers seem to always catch fish. Why is that? What is going on? #bassfishing #largemouthbass #bassfishingtips
a man holding a large fish with the caption lures that won the most money in 2012
Lures That Won the Most Money in 2022
These lures and presentations from the top 3 professional bass tours won the most money in 2022. We can learn a lot about what the pros are using to cash checks. #bassfishing #fishing #largemouthbass #bassfishingtips
a man holding a fish on top of a boat with the caption where do bass go when it's windy?
Where Do Bass Go When It's Windy?
Most anglers avoid the wind. That is a huge mistake if you want to catch both numbers and size. This article explains where to go and why. #bassfishing #largemouthbass #bassfishingtips #fishing
the anatomy of a spinner boat with instructions on how to use it for fishing
Complete Guide To Bass Fishing With Spinnerbaits
Spinnerbaits are legendary bass lures. They flash and vibrate underwater, attracting the attention of any nearby bass looking for a meal. Read more to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the mighty bass spinnerbait!
the cover of bass spinnerbais is shown
Bass Spinnerbaits: A Vibrant Lure For Big Bass
Spinnerbaits are one of the easiest lures you can use to catch bass. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you can catch bass all over the country with a spinnerbait! Read more to learn about why spinnerbaits are effective, the best retrieves you can use, seasonal spinnerbait patterns, and more!
there are the best spinnerbais for bass fishing
The Best Spinnerbaits For Bass Fishing
It's no secret, spinnerbaits have been catching big bass for years! Read more to discover the best spinnerbaits you can get today to catch lunkers, as well as how to fish them!
a blue and black hair jig on top of a wooden table with text overlay
Hair Jigs: A Complete Guide To The Best Winter Lure
Hair jigs are the deadliest winter fishing lures known to man, and for good reason. They mimic lethargic winter prey like no other bait can! Read more to discover what makes this bait so effective, what hair jigs are made from, and how to use hair jigs effectively to catch more fish!
the 5 best winter bass lures for beginners to use in their fishing gear
Bass Fishing: The 5 Best Winter Bass Lures
For many anglers, bass fishing slows down significantly once the cold of winter sets in. Read more to discover 5 wildly effective baits that continue to catch bass all through the cold winter months!
the words, the best fishing lures for winter bass fishing are in white letters
The Best Fishing Lures For Winter Bass Fishing
Winter bass fishing can get extremely challenging. When the temps drop, bass simply aren't as active! Read more to discover the best baits for enticing finicky bass to bite during the dead of winter.
the words, keys to catching bass in october are overlaid by colorful trees and water
3 Keys to Catching Bass in October
the anatomy of a bass jig is shown in this graphic above it's description
Bass Jigs: Anatomy Of A Bass Jig
Bass jigs are the stuff of legend. Not only do they catch big bass, but they catch em year round! Check out this complete guide to learn about the anatomy of a bass jig, the types of bass jigs, and more!
the best ways to rig a worm
The 5 Best Ways To Rig A Plastic Worm
Plastic worms catch big bass all over North America. Check out this free guide to discover 5 ways you can rig worms to effectively catch more bass!