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Choose a color, knit it up, all day long you’ll have good luck. 🍀 #howiknitcolorwork #scraplovers #wipwednesday Sea Glass Cardigan coming soon to—sign up for our newsletter to catch all the details! ________________________________________________________ #stashbuster #seaglasscardigan #newpatterncomingsoon #yarnlove #colorworkknitting #strandedknitting #howiknit #handmadewithlove #yarnstagram #knitting #knitstagram
a woman standing next to a white wall
Lonely Horizon / DROPS 201-15 - Modèles tricot gratuits de DROPS Design
Lonely Horizon / DROPS 201-15 - Modèle gratuit tricot
a green top hanging on a wooden hanger
Sød bluse
Tangs univers: Sød bluse
a woman sitting on a window sill next to a vase with flowers in it
Strik selv: Trøje med riller på bærestykket
Strik selv: Trøje med riller på bærestykket - Hendes Verden
an older woman is standing on the rocks by the water wearing a knitted sweater
Strik selv: Den smukke CPH Butterfly-sweater af KnitsByBendix
two blue and white knitted cloths sitting on top of a wooden table
Karklud i vævestrik - få strikkeopskrift her -
Karklud i vævestrik er strikket i et to-farvet, smukt mønster, der er tæt strikket og giver en god sugeevne. Find opskriften her.
the yarn is blue and has two wooden skewers
Italiensk opslag - Guide med billeder til elastisk opslag -
Italiensk opslag giver en flot og meget elastisk opslagskant i rib. Se min guide med billeder og video til italiensk opslag her.
two hands are stitching the ends of a crochet bag with yarn and scissors
Vævestrik - Sådan strikker du vævestrik i flere farver -
a green sweater hanging on a clothes rack next to a white table and chair in a room
320 gram af min yndlingsgarn
The garment is worked vertically from side-seam to side-seam (sleeve edge to sleeve edge) – in one piece.
someone is knitting something with needles on the side of a knitted sweater and it looks like they are crocheting
Hæft ender i strik - usynligt