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Ten of the best writing software for authors in 2024, free and paid options. For more writing tips and tricks, check out www.zainahyousef.com


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Navigating the world of fiction writing is no piece of cake. It's a labyrinth of complexities, from creating compelling characters to weaving intriguing plots. One such nuance that many writers are unaware of? The elusive pinch point! Dive into 'Fiction Writing: What is a Pinch Point?' to unveil this intriguing concept, explore its impact in popular films, and learn how to seamlessly incorporate it in your own stories. Let's embark on this captivating journey together!

Pinch Points

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Bothered Stories

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Are you looking for some instructions on how to write a fantasy romance book? Here are 11 tips on how to write fantasy romance.


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2-14 Wayfarer Scene Card


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Writing Fiction. What Is Urban Fantasy Anyway? | The Creative Penn
Go Teen Writers: Two Tricks to Integrate Fantasy Elements into a Contemporary Storyworld

Urban Fantasy

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Board Book Formats & Templates | Mass Production | Pint Size Productions

Board Books

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How to Write a Trilogy: Book One
How to Write a Trilogy: Book Two
How to Write a Trilogy: Book Three


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(99+) Likes | Tumblr

Story Crumbs

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Are you writing a caregiver archetype character in your next novel or story? Click to learn all about the Caregiver's strengths, weaknesses and motivations, and see tons of examples of caregivers from popular stories and films!
Here's how to figure out your character's arc, using the "Truth Chart"--a fast, one-page beat sheet designed to help you develop theme and character.
Amy Reads & Writes: Why Character Motivation is More Important Than Yo...  Writing, Authors, Writing Craft, Writing Romance Novels, Books  www.ardeclerck.com

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Character Goals

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Are you struggling to write the second half of the second act of your story? You already know there’s a Midpoint and the Dark Night of the Soul or the Second Plot Point, but you’re left wondering what to write between these two scenes. If this is a situation that’s all too familiar to you, then this episode is for you. In this episode, I will discuss the most important scenes within the second half of the second act so that you can write a stronger... https://authorpreneurpodcast.com/second-act/

Story Structure - Act 4

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Need good advice on how to write the middle of a novel? These 6 top tips will show you how to write the middle of a story.
The Midpoint in your story comes when you’ve done all the set up in your story. It acts as a pivot to steer it towards the climax. You have got your Protagonist and your Antagonist locked in conflict, and they’re both motivated towards achieving what they want to achieve. Now you need to start the process of crashing them together to see who wins. #writingtips #writingadvice #writerslife #writer #author #amwriting #writingcommunity #creativewriting #screenwriting #screenwriter

Story Structure - Act 2

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Story Structure - Act 3

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7 Charts for Developing Plot, Conflict and Character


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