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two pieces of wood are being worked on with the tools needed to make this project
Unique homemade router template, easy to make!
an old machine is sitting on top of a table next to some boxes and other items
Home-made Hydraulic Press
My husband made me this hydraulic press and I have been having a blast with it. It changes everything! My shop is so much more functional using it. Just like my rolling mill it is a piece of equipm…
a pen sitting on top of a metal object in the middle of a circular surface
Homemade Marking Gauge
Marking Gauge
the size and height of a bed with measurements
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a green and white ruler with numbers on it
Table Saws
a wooden workbench with two tools attached to the top and one tool holder on the bottom
Sjöbergs høvlebænk Smart Workstation Pro
Sjøberg høvlebænk Smart Workstation Pro
a pair of pliers are sitting on top of a wooden table
Höhenmesser für Oberfräse und Tischkreissäge | EXAKTE Maße JEDESMAL | Lets Bastel
Höhenmesser für Oberfräse und Tischkreissäge | So stellst AUCH DU genaue Maße ein! - YouTube
the diagram shows how to make a door handle
Handy Clamp for Small Parts
Handy Clamp for Small Parts | Woodsmith Tips: The drawing shows what you’ll need to put a clamp together. Threaded rod and barrel nuts perform the work with shop-made handles as a final touch. As you can see, the upper hole in one of the jaws is stopped. This allows the rod to expand the jaws. Even though these clamps don’t open and close the same way as traditional handscrews, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it.
a pot filled with chicken, carrots and peas on top of a stovetop
Kyllingefrikasse med hvide asparges. - Thomas Alcayaga aka Madet Mere
a man is holding an open cabinet with tools in it
42 Ideas de almacenamiento que organizarán toda tu casa