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a gym equipment set up against a white brick wall
Megafitness.Shop - Ihr Kraftsport-Fachhändler mit dem umfassenden Produktsortiment für Ihre Fitness
an empty gym room with weight benches and dumbbells
#1503 Power Core Elite Leg Press
an empty gym with weight benches and barbells in front of a mirror on the wall
Garage Gyms
Garage Gyms | Rogue Fitness Canada
DIY lateral raise machine, multiple iterations
The most advanced DIY cable system for the home gym
an empty gym room with squat racks and bars
an exercise machine is shown on a white background
Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Fitness with MP3 Player - Black - Bed Bath & Beyond - 28674105
DIY to reality —> I made an adapter to give additional range of motion to jammer/iso/lever arms.
Check out this clever DIY pulley system for the home gym!
Chest flies with the Titan Fitness wall mounted tower
Waste of time? Or an exercise for the brain?
a black and white photo of a gym equipment set up on top of a gray background