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an animal in a cage on the ground next to a potted plant and pillow
A little sunny outdoor set up for my guy! He’s got plants, a hide, a basking spot and lots of soft towels, and the zip top keeps him safe from birdies! It’s a nice option for leash refusers on a sunny day.
a fish tank in the middle of a staircase
perrenial gardens layout front yards natural garden,boxwood and hydrangea landscaping
a fish tank filled with lots of different types of animals in it's habitat
Aquário de formigas
a dinosaur skeleton in an aquarium with plants and rocks on the bottom shelf, next to it is a fish tank
How cool is this?
OI can't wait to make this
a display case filled with lots of flowers
Day 2+3: Highlights Milan Design Werk 2018 - Eclectic Trends
an old fashioned glass display case in the corner of a room with wood flooring
An incredible Jewel “Seahorse” Aquarium*
an old glass case sitting on top of a sidewalk
Fiske Cast Iron Antique Aquarium or Fish Tank
an aquarium filled with lots of different types of rocks and algae growing on top of it
Uromastyx viv background build PIC HEAVY
Pluie réaliste dans paludarium