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a metal model of a motorcycle on a table
Bike 135 scrap metal art sculpture
Bike 135 scrap metal art sculpture | Year of the Chopper #33… | Flickr
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a blue block
a sculpture made out of white square and rectangle shapes
Mod Man
Mod ManCeramicSize VariesThe creation of Mod Man used techniques consisting of hand building and cold working. Each box was built and fired to Δ 04 and then machined using glass cold working equipment. The result created sharp lines and smooth surfa…
three tall black vases sitting on top of a wooden table
50 Most Popular Candleholders for 2021
Candles And Candle Holders - page 10
a sculpture is shown in the middle of a room with white walls and flooring
abstract metal sculpture modern
Image result for abstract metal sculpture modern
two metal flamingos standing next to each other in front of some plants and flowers
Bits Pieces Flamingo Statues Sculptures
Kenyan Recycled Metal Flamingo Sculptures
two different angles of a metal object on white and black pedestals, one showing the top part of it's base
Possibilities of Illusion – Patinated Steel Sculptures by Stephan Siebers | OEN
Possibilities-of-Illusion---Patinated-Steel-Sculptures-by-Stephan-Siebers-7 More
three wooden sculptures with rocks and fire in them
Resume Template With Instant Download Modern & Minimal CV Template Cover Letter DIY Microsoft Word Design Emily Bond - Etsy
a metal sculpture with three balls on it in front of a stone wall and grass
Rostwerk A.B.
Rostwerk A.B.
an artistic sculpture made out of wood and metal with a yellow face on the side
Fellows & Foundations — Michael Sherrill
Stoney Lamar, Canyon Return, Madrone, steel, milk paint, 36" x 30" x 8", 2014