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an assembly diagram showing the components for a table top
Save $100s by Building Your Own Router Lift!
Save $100s by Building Your Own Router Lift!: A router lift makes working at the router table so much easier. Bit height adjustments and even bit changes can all be handled from above the surface. The thing is most commercial lifts cost way more than the router it holds, but with our plans, you can build your own router table lift for about $50. Simple hardware combined with some plywood and maple creates a robust, easy-to-use router lift.
a man is working on a project in the middle of a room with wooden cabinets
AW Extra 8/9/12 - Shop-Made Router Lift | Popular Woodworking
the tool holder is attached to a machine
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a person using a power tool on a piece of wood
Best deals and Free Shipping
Tablesaw Box Joints - Popular Woodworking Magazine #ad #woodworkingmagazines
two pictures showing how to use a router on a piece of wood with wheels
there are many pieces of wood being worked on by hand tools in the shop or workshop
Pipe Clamp Rack
Pipe Clamp Rack: A custom clamp rack for a clamp with legs. A solid solution for storing some favorite clamps.
there is a rack with many different tools on it
Workshop — American Craftsman Workshop
two different types of wood shavings on top of each other and the same piece of wood
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Recycle oud hout!
an image of wood planks that are on the web page for this website listing
How To Make Your Own Barn Wood
How to Make Your Own Barn Wood
the wood is painted green and red
An Easy-to-Apply Two-Tone Painting Technique That Still Shows Wood Grain - Core77
These crazily-colored planks. Get closer and the effect is pretty impressive: While a skilled, chemistry-minded professional craftsman like Benjamin Lai could pull that off using common materials, most of us don't have his training and wouldn't know what to mix nor how to apply it. But German
an image of a wooden beam with screws and nails attached to the top part
Garage shelf plans
cantilevered garage shelving brackets, easy-to-understand illustrations //
a man standing on top of a wooden shelf next to shelves filled with wood planks
How to build shelves
How to build cantilevered shelves