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the shelves are made out of plywood boards
the back end of a van filled with various items
the back end of a black van with its doors open and shelves in the back
VW Caddy
the inside of a van with tools in it
#makita #vivaro #toolstorage #tool #systainer #businrichting #construction #woodworking #woodworkingtools #shelving
many different types of drawers are stacked on top of each other
the tools are hanging on the wall in the room with it's storage compartment
Cordless charging station
a workbench with drillers and tools hanging on the wall
Cordless Tool Charging & Storage Station
the inside of a truck with tools and equipment in it's storage compartment,
a van with its doors open and red bins in the back
Built some shelves for our electricians new Sprinter van. Maple plywood shelves and solid maple face frame. (3 of 6)