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two people in a canoe paddling down a river
@visitcopenhagen · Mølleåen, Danmark · 8. oktober
two men sitting next to each other in front of a fire
@visitcopenhagen · Flyvestationen Værløse, Danmark • 11. oktober 2022
two people standing next to each other on a dock with canoes in the background
@visitcopenhagen · Mølleåen, Danmark · 8. oktober 2022⁠ #kayaking #visitdenmark #visitcopenhagen #beyondcopenhagen #outdoorlife
a man in a red life jacket paddling a canoe
Visit Copenhagen · Mølleåen, Danmark · 8. oktober 2022
an old woman sitting on a bench looking out at the water with two rowers
House of Nomads – Photography, Social Media & Branding
VisitCopenhagen · Furesøbadet, Vanløse · 11. oktober 2022