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a person with pink hair on top of drums in front of a microphone and drum set
the muppet and kermik are playing drums together
Animal Compilation
Animal Compilation
the muppets are sitting on hay in their pen and talking to each other
Muppets sing sweet home alabama
two chefs are in the kitchen preparing food for someone to make them smile and laugh
The Muppet Show 3x16 Swedish Chef & Uncle
the muppet chef is cooking in his kitchen
swedish chef turtle soup
Swedish chef turtle soup
an image of cartoon characters with guitars and musical instruments in their hands, as if they were playing music
Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
an old man in a chef's hat sitting at a table
Swedish Chef - Home Cooked Meal
Swedish Chef - Home Cooked Meal - YouTube
a man is holding the hand of a frog that is standing on its hind legs