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a small yellow object sitting on top of a white tray next to a blue carpet
A lesson in self control!
Flame: Creative Children's Ministry: A lesson in self control!
the words 8 encouragings to share with your children's ministry volunteers this week
8 Encouragements To Share With Your Children’s Ministry Volunteers This Week
a sign hanging on the side of a wall that says fruit of the spirit joy, peace, kindness, goodness and goodness
FREE printable wall art pieces! 10 to choose from!
Fruit of the Spirit // Free Printable + 9 more free printable wall art pieces that you won't believe are free!
colorful crayons with the words 4 ways to help kids sit through church without electronics
Four Ways to Help Kids Sit Through Church Plus a Free Printable PDF
two bags with the words how to create the perfect church busy bags for kids
How to Make Worship Less Stressful With Kids: Tips to Enjoy Sundays Again