Exploring Fiber Art

I want to try to keep exploring different mediums. Heavily influenced by my friends and family, and their interests in needlepoint, sewing crafts, millinery…
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the back side of a shirt that has been altered to look like an old flannel
an abstract blue and white background with wavy lines
246390 Sketchwork Calypso by Robert Allen
a person is drawing on paper with a marker
a piece of art that is made out of brown and white paper with leaves on it
Deep Drawings
Donna Ruff, Untitled V, burn and gold leaf on paper, 9 x 9in
the back of a woman's jacket with crochets on it
The Cropped Car Jacket Kit
a drawing of clouds and birds flying in the sky with lines drawn on it's sides
Cloud Formation Wallpaper
an intricate white and black artwork with lines on it's surface, in the shape of a spiral
Вышивка, идеи из ниток | Татьяна Полонская | Идеи и фотоинструкции бесплатно на Постиле
an embroidered piece of cloth with white and black lines on it's edges, in front of a plain background
"Следовая" вышивка
"Следовая" вышивка / Вышивка / ВТОРАЯ УЛИЦА
a close up of a blue and white flowered design on a fabric with gold stars
Media Tweets by 청록✨재고팔이22 (@mint_a1070) | Twitter
a woman wearing a blue top and jacket with a gold pendant on it's neck
Cropped running stitch Jacket
a woman standing in front of a white wall wearing a crocheted shawl
Hooded Llama Blanket Crochet Pattern
Alpaca my Llama Blanket Crochet Pattern! - MJ's off the Hook Designs
a black and gold piece of cloth on a white surface with the fabric folded down
:: Should I ever need to add graphic elements to a solid garment.