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an outdoor room with plants and lights on the ceiling, in front of a white couch
a garden filled with lots of plants and flowers
a man and woman sitting at a table in front of a green house with glass walls
a glass greenhouse with people inside and plants in the back ground on a sunny day
three people sitting at a table under a blue glass roof in a green garden area
a glass house sitting on top of a wooden deck
a small greenhouse with potted plants in it
a small greenhouse in the middle of a grassy area with chairs and plants inside it
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a small black greenhouse sitting next to some trees
585 Synes godt om, 24 kommentarer – 🌿Alexandra Lehne🌿 (@gardendesign_alexandra_lehne) på Instagram: "Good morning! The greenhouse is GLOWING 🤩 Ich habe definitiv zu wenig Zeit!!! Die Artischocke…"
the sun is setting over a small greenhouse
#sunset #solnedgang #fagerkveldssol #høstkveld #høst #autumnevening #mitjuliana #julianadrivhus
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a fire pit
an aerial view of a garden with several different types of plants and trees in the background