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three different pictures of small houses made out of rocks and grass with plants growing in them
Painted Rock Fairy Houses Pinterest Top Pins - The WHOot
a painted rock with a santa clause on it and a candy cane in the middle
a rock with a cat painted on it sitting in the middle of some white rocks
some rocks with faces painted on them in a pot
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a painted rock with a cartoon character holding a heart
Photo from trividesign
some rocks painted with different colors and designs
Sunset Rock ~ Blending paints to create a sunset on a rock
This bright orange sunset rock has a lovely tree silhouette and two fun owls. #sunsetrock #sunriserock #silouetterock #rockpainting #stonepainting #rockpaintingforbeginners #rockpainting101
three gnomes painted on a rock with the words happy st patrick's day
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