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an assortment of candy on top of a piece of paper with words written in it
how to make an origami heart out of money
Geldgeschenk für liebe Menschen
Anleitung für ein Herz aus einem Geldschein.
there is a small white box that has the name ferie on it and palm trees
Rejse "gavekort"
an open wooden box with sand inside and a black object in the top right corner
22 opfindsomme pengegaver, som enhver vil elske at få
a bulletin board with some candy on it
Slik gave
an old bank note is displayed in a black frame with orange stickers on it
Konfirmation - hjælp til penge-gave side 2
Konfirmation - hjælp til penge-gave side 2
several packets of medicine are on display in a box with the word merci written on it
a chalk board with candy bars and other items written on it, along with writing
a bulletin board with candy bars and coins on it, written in french next to a handwritten note
@carinaernebjerg on Instagram: “Nogen gange bliver jeg selv lidt overrasket over mine kreative evner 💡 #pengegave #kreativ #15årsfødselsdag #imponerende #mankanhvismanvil…”
there are two pictures one is blue and the other has orange straws in it
17 sjove sangskjulere til festlige lejligheder
Hendes Verden
an advertisement for chokolade chocolates with gold and silver bars on them
Pengegaver til konfirmation - Ideer til sjove konfirmations pengegaver 2019
a rose sitting on top of a table next to a bottle of wine and money
22 sjove måder at lave pengegaver til konfirmanden