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a group of people sitting at a picnic table with doughnuts on the table
Må vi spise øjet
I Børnehuset Elverhøj i Ishøj er der bålmad, fritgående høns og hele fisk på bordet. Missionen for de to kostfagligt eneansvarlige er at give børnene mod på mad, så de kan ‘sejre i deres liv’.
the lego earrings are made out of blue legos
DIY Lego Earrings - 30 Minute Crafts
Make your own earrings from Lego blocks
the lego key holder is made out of lego blocks and has keys attached to it
Out of the Toy Box: Lego Grows Up
LEGO Key holder. Brilliant! Could do this with bathroom passes in the classroom too.
a clock made out of legos on a wall
His Kid's Screamed "Thanks, Dad!" When He Drilled A Hole and Ruined Their Lego Baseplate - Page 2 of 2 - Wise DIY
His Kid's Screamed "Thanks, Dad!" When He Drilled A Hole and Ruined Their Lego…
coffee mugs with spoons hanging from them and some other items in the cup holder
Start A Fire
Create a simple, effective suet bird feeder for your yard this winter by repurposing a thrift store coffee mug. Simply melt the suet (beef fat and seed mixture), pour into the mug, and add a stick for a perch. Hang from a tree and watch the birds enjoy it all winter long...this is a great DIY project to have the kids help with then they're bored! Fun, easy, wonderful thrift store upcycle and repurpose craft project from #SadieSeasongoods /
five white vases with flowers in them on a table
Make these vases with your old soda-cans: Clean them inside and crumble them a little for a different look. Spraypaint them - now you have a cheap, costume vase! >>>IN DANISH
there are three pictures with different items on them and one has a wooden hanger
Repurposed wooden coat clothes hanger recycled into jewelry, necklace holder…
an old sweater is being made into a new mitten
Mommy's Nest #fppvm #fppchandler #vintagemarket
two black hats hanging from the ceiling with lights on each side and one wearing a top hat
30 nye ting du allerede har derhjemme
Hjemmelavet lampe af hatte. DIY
an instagram page with balloons and photos hanging from the ceiling, which are attached to strings
Lav en festlig detalje med perlemorsfarvede balloner
Balloner med helium – til festlig pynt og sjov Her er en fin idé til et bryllup, fødselsdag, konfirmation eller anden festlig begivenhed. Det kræver noget helium for at ballonerne kan holde s…
two posters with clothes hanging on the clothes line and laundry symbols in black ink, against a white background
Køb vores "Børst dine tænder (Grøn) - plakat" plakat online |» Lynhurtig og billig levering
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