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a woman with her arms crossed and the words signs of a great leader on it
Jonathan Butterworth on LinkedIn: If you want to become a great leader: Focus on establishing a culture of… | 250 comments
a paper with writing on it that says 9 rare treats in every high performer
Chris Donnelly on LinkedIn: Stop trying to hire the smartest people. Hire people who have these 9… | 1,891 comments
the 10 practices to build creativity at work info sheet with images and text on it
10 Ways To Build Credibility At Work | TechTello
10 practical strategies that I have used throughout my career to become a more credible team member and employee. #buildcredibility #accountability #personalgrowth #professionaldevelopment #careergrowth #growthopportunities #integrity #trustworthiness #highagency #highperformers
Difficult Conversations With Employees, Effective Leadership Skills, Business Basics, Effective Leadership, Leadership Management, Work Skills
Ben Meer on LinkedIn: "Feedback is the breakfast of champions." -Ken Blanchard 4 feedback… | 235 comments
the five types of killers and how to fix them infographical poster on dark background
Justin Wright on LinkedIn: Companies that have a strong culture see a 4x increase in revenue growth… | 87 comments
the 12 rare tricks to be successful in every high performer infographical poster design
Eric Partaker on LinkedIn: 12 Rare Traits High-Performers Always Have (after hiring over 2000 people… | 467 comments