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the front desk of an office building with lights hanging from it's ceiling and wood flooring
recepção odontologia
Resultado de imagem para recepção odontologia decorada
a pink and gray reception area with a bench
Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar: Most Glamorous Nail Salon in Metro Manila - When In Manila
Pink Counter
a large wooden counter sitting in the middle of a room
Spirit Yoga – Britta Weißer Innenarchitektin
Spirit Yoga, design by Boris Zbikowski and Britta Weißer
a bench sitting in front of a wall that says be the change you wish to see in the world
Hot Box Yoga on Chapel St, Windsor uses far infrared radiant heating to heat the studio. Instead of heating air, radiant heat warms objects - a safer and more beneficial way to practice yoga in a heated environment. 105B Chapel St, Windsor (in between High St and Dandenong Rd).
an empty hallway with yellow walls and white floors
Home | Hamonic+Masson & Associés, Comte & Vollenweider Architectes
Home, Parigi, 2015 - Hamonic + Masson, Comte & Vollenweider Architectes #yellow
the inside of a store with lights hanging from the ceiling
Saje Natural Wellness by Jennifer Dunn Design, Halifax – Canada
Saje Natural Wellness by Jennifer Dunn Design, Halifax / Nova Scotia – Canada » Retail Design Blog
an office lobby with wooden walls and flooring
cement sales counter by arrangio | Archello
the front desk of an office with a brick wall and black sign on it's side
D+DS architecture office, Tom Fallon · Capco / Bold Rocket Offices
Capco / Bold Rocket Offices
an empty room with two black and white rugs in front of a large painting
D.Vision Dental Clinic / A1Architects
interior - D.Vision Dental Clinic - A1Architects