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two people standing next to each other with one holding the other's arm around his shoulder
The Man Who Helped Transform Photography
Wagstaff (left) poses with Robert Mapplethorpe, in a 1974 portrait by Francesco Scavullo. Courtesy of the Francesco Scavullo Foundation
a black and white photo of two tulips with one flower bud still attached
Peter Marino channels Mapplethorpe’s trinity of sex, flowers and nudes
Peter Marino hones in on Mapplethorpe's XYZ | Wallpaper* Magazine | Wallpaper* Magazine
a woman wrapped in white fabric with her eyes open and nose partially covered by netting
Robert Mapplethorpe
a black and white photo of a woman cutting her hair with a pair of scissors
Dazed & Confused November Issue: The Art Issue
Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe.
the shadow of a person standing next to a flower on a blue and red surface
Dark Silence In Suburbia
I really enjoy this photo with the colours. Robert Mapplethorp is the photographer this is a birds eye view
a black and white photo of a woman wearing a fur coat
divan japonais
Robert Mapplethorpe, Self-portrait
a black and white photo of a flower
Robert Mapplethorpe's flowers (inspired)
Robert Mapplethorpe Flowers | Robert Mapplethorpe's flowers (inspired) - a gallery on Flickr
a man holding a knife in his right hand and looking at the camera with an evil look on his face
Robert Mapplethorpe Self Portrait 1988
two people standing next to each other in black and white
Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe - Interview Magazine
This photo of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe is simply stunning. She exemplifies swagger, sexiness, and confidence. #iwannabeher
a black and white photo of a woman with her hair wrapped in plastic wraps
Mapplethorpe Foundation
Robert Mapplethorpe - White Gauze, 1984
the book cover for mapplethrope, with an image of two men's heads facing each other
Portfolio - Portfolios
One of Robert Mapplethorpe's best known photographs. It's beautiful in all it's bareness.
a vase filled with lots of white flowers on top of a table next to a wall
Robert Mapplethorpe, Baby’s Breath, 1987