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three wooden bras hang on the wall with scarves and hats hanging from them
Repurpose: Hang on to your Wood Hangers!
This wooden hanger coat rack is so "deer" ... don't you think? :)
two pictures one with a wooden doll and the other with a fake human head
Recycled Wine Bottle Glass Windchime on Driftwood - Driftwood 4 Us
Colourful art work and driftwood.
five wooden fish are lined up on a white table top, each painted with different colors and sizes
Super painting face on wood 66+ Ideas
Super painting face on wood 66+ Ideas #painting
a bird made out of wood and painted red, white and yellow with two eyes on it's body
Driftwood Waterproof Decoration Door Decals A Raft of Driftwood on The Shoreline with Seagulls Wavy Sea and The Sky Digital Image Perfect Ornament Blue W31 x H79 INCH - Driftwood 4 Us
Carnet Imaginaire. great!
there is a wall made out of cassette tapes
Boligskribent & Interiør stylist
Old tapes becomes art #livingsweetliving
four different pictures of animals on an old book with black and white paper cut outs
diy wall art idea
Sweet idea that makes both the children as well as mummy happy!
a wooden horse with branches sticking out of it's back
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It would be cool to do something like this from drift wood!
a group of wooden spoons with faces painted on them sitting in the grass next to each other
Lage Hjemmeside ? ⇐ ⇐ - inspirasjon til alle som jobber med barn
a hedgehog made out of nails on the sidewalk
" C'est un hérisson qui piquait piquait et qui voulait qu'on l' caresse-resse-resse..." ( Emilie Jolie )
a wall mounted angel figurine with wings on it's back and red eyes
Angel Fester
Carla Trujillo - Mixed Media Artist: Angel Fester
a metal object with two spoons attached to it's sides and one has a roll of paper on the end
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RECYCLED Reused ROBOT Sculpture Bassett hound by BranMixArt