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Floral arrangements

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Pteris argyaea, the Silver Brake Fern, is a tropical, evergreen fern featuring large, arching fronds with significant bands of silvery-white variegation.  Ferns thrive in neutral to acidic, loose, richly organic soil which is moist but not waterlogged. Excellent for containers inside or on a shaded patio. Protect from freezing temperatures!
Polystichum polyblepharum - Tassel Fern (3.5" Pot) | Little Prince To Go


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Nuts and seeds

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Potting benches

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Living wreath

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This is a Moonflower Bush - Not the Moonflower Vine. This plant has a bush habit. When planted together as 2 or 3 plants, you get a large beautiful full bush as seen in the listing photo. The huge, white, trumpet  flowers are very fragrant. This is a annual in cooler zones but will re-seed each year. Very easy to grow. 20 Seeds

Moon gardens

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Check out David Spain's magnificent moss garden #DreamGarden #Moss #GardenDesign #GardenGateMagazine

Moss garden

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Beautiful terrariums

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Gardening sites

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Garden rooms

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Wall gardening

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Backyard Landscaping - South Berwick, ME - Photo Gallery - Landscaping Network

Rock gardens

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Gardening tools and hacks

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Garden graphics & sayings

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White-Eyed Susie Black-Eyed Susan Seeds


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Famous public gardens

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Chui Summerhouse


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diy grill tables make a standard grill look built in like a custom outdoor kitchen
BBQ shelter made with corrugated metal

Outdoor kitchens & grill areas

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Window boxes

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Incorporate a unique accessory into your backyard or garden. This charming garden poem plaque will add a personal touch to the outdoor haven of your choice. Whitehall Products Flora & Fauna Come into the Garden Poem Garden Sign - GLOBAL | Size 8.0 H x 14.0 W in | Perigold

Garden whimsy

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Dream House
Add a bench

Combos, groupings & companion plantings

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