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a large wooden building sitting on top of a lush green field
Timothy Tasker Architects completes centre for sustainable farming in the Cotswolds
Timothy Tasker Architects completes FarmED centre in the Cotswolds
two wooden buildings sitting on top of a lush green field
two wooden doors are open in front of a brown building that is made out of wood slats
a small building with a metal roof in the grass
an empty stone walkway with plants growing on it
an old building with grass growing on top of it's roof in the middle of nowhere
a house with a green roof and wooden doors
Sommerhus i klitterne, Kandestederne - LBB3. arkitektur + rumdesign
a house with green roof and grass on the top of it's roof is surrounded by sand dunes
Se her 10 vidunderlige, næsten-kamuflerede sommerhuse, som emmer af natur
an image of a house on the side of a hill
I et med naturen
Cedertræ og Sedum tag